Clausius Tower Society

About the Society

The Clausius Tower Society was assumed on the 16th November 2009. The meeting of founders was held in one of the assembly halls of Koszalin University of Technology. It is formed to propagate knowledge, organize and support initiatives related with intellectual exchange. The association is also aspiring to carry out the plan of building the Tower of Rudolf Clausius. There are about twenty members of the Society; they are mainly employees of The Koszalin University of Technology.

During the meeting of the Society the Management of the Society was appointed. The post of the President of the Management was entrusted to the Rector of Koszalin University of Technology Tomasz Krzyżyński, DSc PhD MSc BSc, Professor. The positions of two Vice-Presidents were entrusted to Father Dariusz Jastrząb, PhD, the Rector of Theological Seminary of Koszalin and Piotr Wensierski, PhD the Rector of Baltic Higher School of Humanities of Koszalin. Members of the Management are also Małgorzata Jucha, Mc – the bursar and substitute for the chancellor of Koszalin University of Technology and Jerzy Ratajski, DSc, PhD – director of Institute of Mechatronics, Nanotechnology and Vacuum Technique.

Choosing the Audit Committee was the next point of the meeting of founders. Chairman of the Audit Committee was appointed to Mr. Maciej Józef Sprutta, the President of The Friends of Koszalin Society, the substitute was appointed to Mr. Henryk Furmańczyk, the President of the Company of Vacuum Technology "TEPRO" S.A. and the post of secretary was appointed to Witold Gulbiński, DSc PhD MSc BSc Assistant Professor, Vice-Rector for Teaching of Koszalin University of Technology.

During the meeting of founders the statute of the Society was passed.

On 3rd February 2010 the Clausius Tower Society was recorded in the National Court Register under number 0000346973.